UK BlackTech and VINE Creative collaborate on photo series

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We collaborated with UK Black Tech to create a series of stock images featuring people of colour using various tech items. The idea of this shoot was born out of a need to make up for the lack of such photos noticed by Mark Martin. Mark Martin, the founder of UK Black Tech, found it very difficult to find stock images with black people from the UK for his presentations and pitch documents. Thus, he decided to create some to fill this gap.

Although there are images of BAME in tech in America, the same does not apply to the British audience. A simple but effective way to cover the gap was to shoot a series of images featuring BAMEs using tech, and we collaborated with UK Black Tech to achieve this purpose.

The idea proposed by Mark was to incorporate children and adults using technology items including VR headsets, laptops, desktop computers, and robotics kits. We developed the concept and brought it to life. VINE Creatives headed up the creative process of the shoot including developing the brief, selecting the photographer and art directing the shoot on the day.

Children from Ultraprenuer and Initiative were the child models of the shoot. Ultraprenuer and Initiative teaches children essential business skills. All, the youngest of them being nine years old, already have successful businesses. As expected, the children were excited to be part of the shoot.

The adult models were volunteers from Tech Community YSYS. To create a large suite of images, we posed the models both the adults and children in different scenarios which included working on various projects, having meetings and presentations, using keyboards and equipment and generally working within the tech space.

We are grateful to Pivotal who very generously lent us their tech space where we conducted the shoot and brought the idea of UK Black Tech to life. Images of the shoot are available via the UK Black Tech website under a Creative Commons 2.0 usage license.

The photos have been a huge hit, receiving a lot of attention, especially on Twitter. The photography was shot by Christian Anderson.

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