Afro hair in the spotlight? - Meet Project Embrace Afrovisibility 2018

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Some time ago, Lekia Lee, founder of Project Embrace, realised that black women lack confidence and pride while talking about their hair in natural styles. She decided to run a campaign not only to make Afro and textured hair visible in media but also to show African women that they should be proud of their hair and wear it in natural style. This is how the campaign started. As VINE Creatives have been Project Embrace’s project partner since 2017, we have been absolutely happy to take part in such an inspiring event.

The ads were running across 72 city-centre billboards in the UK (mostly in London, Glasgow, Manchester, Edinburgh, Nottingham, Newcastle, Liverpool, Salfod) between Sunday May 27 and June 3. They featured a diverse group of six real women with a variety of natural hair textures. These women were chosen from almost 500 entries from the open casting in February. The group consisted of: a teacher, a writer, a receptionist, a student, a finance manager and an HR partner. All of them at some point in their lives were overwhelmed by being surrounded only by images of light skin and straight hair. Each poster celebrates the beauty of each of the 6 women.

The campaign was prepared by VINE Creatives together with agency Quiet Storm. The main sponsors were: Clear Channel, Cantu, YSBM, TrendiPeople and Nottingham City Council. The campaign was widely commented and reviewed by AD Age, Glamour magazine both in London and in South Africa, Stylist Magazine and the Drum. There have been a lot of people taking pictures, sharing their videos on Instagram and tweeting about the campaign. So far the campaign was shared more than 10,000 times on Twitter and more than 500 times on Instagram.

We are very proud to be a project partner on this amazing campaign and we truly believe that afro hair will finally be represented in mainstream media much more often. We know that there’s still a long journey for things to change but it’s a very good start.

Thank you to an amazing team of creatives who were behind this creative work
Art Direction: Trevor Robinson & Nene Parsotam
Photographer: Jarek duk
Retouching: Janey Renn
Make up Artists: Marie Chantal and Neon velvet
Stylist: Basma Khalifa
HairStylist: vv_jo
Video: Malik Beard
Sponsors: Cantu Beauty Uk, Clear Channel UK, Trendipeople, YBSM and Partners and Nottingham City Council

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