We are VINE Creatives, a visual communications and brand strategy agency. We work for and with entrepreneurs and businesses within the African diaspora, and with companies with an African focus.

As an added dimension to what we deliver, we have the ability to work directly with companies based and located on the African continent due to our associates, partners and suppliers on the ground.

Obstacles that you may have perceived as having the power to prevent business growth, could well be the very thing to drive your business forward. We are happy to discuss and brainstorm ideas to make your business grow more smoothly for you.

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  • Brand and investment
    We can help you create your brand look and feel, craft your brand story in order to present your company to investors.
    Brand and investment
  • Photoshoots and brand image creation
    With professional photographers we shoot everything from model, PR, location and product photography. 
    Brand and investment
  • digital offering
    We can help develop your digital offering by giving you a strong web presence and creating your online campaigns.
    Brand and investment
More about what we do

We have worked with Fortune 500 brands, large, established brand and advertising agencies, SMEs and individuals. This wide-ranging experience enables us to provide the exact expertise our client needs at the time.

For example, large organisations can often benefit from a start-up mind-set, and start-ups can often benefit from a more structured approach, as typically used by big brands.

This dual approach enables us to give tremendous value to our clients and craft bespoke design and creative solutions for their businesses. Here are a cross section of some of the clients we have worked with.

Full list of our clients

Do you have a question about your brand, logo, website or business idea?

No problem! Just drop us a line with your questions or enquiry or anything you would like us to take a look at and we’ll be happy to discuss it with you.

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